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Unemployment and Child Benefits Together Can Sustain Households in Need

The United Nations Joint Programme supports Uzbekistan to reform its social protection system in line with international security standards. Special emphasis is made on unemployment and child benefits as important source of income for families enable to earn or sustain adequate living standards.

Career or maternity? Both! – Laziza’s story

Laziza (the name has been changed for privacy reasons) is an energetic woman, one of the best HR specialists and an important employee of her company, with 13 years of work experience and a mother of three wonderful children. You wouldn't think so to look at her but, like many working women, she has encountered serious obstacles in accessing her right to paid maternity leave, although employed with a formal labour contract.

Analysis of Demand for and Supply of Skilled Labour Force in the Kyrgyz Republic

The ILO G20TS project assisted Kyrgyz partners to conduct an analysis of demand and supply of skilled labour force in the Chuy region of Kyrgyzstan. Now the national stakeholders are able to take informed decisions to adjust the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system of the country to the labour market and employers' needs.

A future of work for Russian youth

Youth employment remains a priority for the ILO as the Organization moves into its second century. A project in Russia’s West Siberian region addresses this key future of work challenge by seeking to change employers’ perceptions and creating opportunities for the most vulnerable youth.

Families Empowered to Start Business to Free Children from Hard Work

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is helping the local governments in Osh and Kara-Suu District of the Osh Region to introduce child labour monitoring as part of the efforts to implement the Regulation on identification of children and families in hardship. The monitoring allows to identify child workers at risk and provide them with rehabilitation and assistance they need.

Kyrgyzstan: Looking for digital solutions to combat child labour

The ILO in Kyrgyzstan partnered with young information technology (IT) specialists to find ways of applying innovative digital technologies to help monitor child labour.

Telling serious things with humour: Mobile theater in Tajikistan campaigns against the informal employment

Two years ago the International Labour Conference adopted the Recommendation concerning the transition from the informal to the formal economy (No.204). Since then a global campaign has started in different parts of the world to formalize the informal economy. In Tajikistan, trade unions are using theatrics to illustrate the consequences of informal employment.

New opportunities, new perceptions: a wage subsidy programme for young job seekers in Kalmykia

Millions of young people around the world are facing the same problem: no job and few job prospects when they enter the labour market. It's especially frustrating for young people with high academic qualifications. Increasingly, they are learning that getting the highest education possible is no longer a guarantee of getting a good job. But an innovative strategy built on partnerships from all levels of society is changing that, and changing young people's perceptions of what kind of job is most suitable for them.

“Step out of the shadow!”: How cartoons support a campaign to formalize the Kyrgyz economy

Last year, the International Labour Conference adopted the Recommendation concerning the transition from the informal to the formal economy (No.204). An innovative project in Kyrgyzstan shows how this transition can be facilitated in practice.

Testing Innovative Approaches: Voluntary Peer Review of Youth Employment Policies

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has successfully tested an innovative mechanism - voluntary peer reviews, in which countries assess one another’s youth employment policies and share good practices during joint meetings. It is one of the elements of the ILO project “Partnerships for Youth Employment in the CIS” financially supported by the Russian company LUKOIL. Learn more about this innovative experience from the article or radio report below.

Out of child labour and into school: The story of Alimjan

Alimjan’s mother did not see any harm in her son’s work, even though he was still a child. On the contrary, she believed that the sooner he learned how to earn money, the better. Read about how an ILO project helped get a boy out of child labour and into school.
11 June 2015

Get formal, be successful: Supporting the transition to formality of youth-led enterprises in Azerbaijan

Read about a pilot programme that is helping young Azerbaijani entrepreneurs build successful formal businesses of all kinds.
08 June 2015