Georgian trade unions strengthen their education system

From October 30 to November 2 the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation hosted a workshop on the training of trade union educators. Twenty-five representatives of the trade union education system participated in the workshop organized within the framework of technical cooperation with the ILO.

News | 02 November 2014
The workshop was targeted at fostering skills for organizing trade union trainings, in particular at developing and compiling teaching and learning aids for training trade unionists.

The president of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation Irakli Petriashvili said Georgia’s trade unions needed well-trained, motivated and devoted trade union educators.

Participants in the workshop demonstrated their guidance materials on such important for the trade union movement topics as trade unions’ role in strengthening social partnership and ensuring occupational safety and health, attraction of new members to trade unions, public relations and awareness raising work.

Ahead of the workshop trade unionists of Western Georgia gathered for a meeting to discuss new methods for encouraging trade union membership. The meeting was moderated by ILO Moscow Senior Specialist in Workers’ Activities Sergeyus Glovackas and Director at Moldova’s Institute of Labour Vsevolod Barbaneagra.

On the last day of the workshop trainees showed presentations of their teaching tools developed in the course of the workshop and organized role playing games using methodical recommendations. All presentations were video-taped and then discussed.

Workshop trainees said sometimes they lacked experience of conducting team trainings and summarizing results of the activity. To hold a successful training they needed to have a good toolbox of methods for teaching adults, to constantly improve their teaching skills and to meet the demands of modern trade unions, they concluded.

Participants’ skills made it possible to express confidence that most of them would be able on their own to organize and hold such trainings in their trade unions in the future, said Sergeyus Glovackas.