About 500,000 Kyrgyzstanis- migrant workers in Kazakhstan

According to unofficial data, about 500,000 Kyrgyz citizens are currently in labor migration in Kazakhstan, Bir Duino Kyrgyzstan human rights movement reported.

News | 30 November 2013
According to them, Regional Forum on strengthening cooperation in implementation of labor migration intergovernmental agreements between Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic took place the day before in Almaty city.

As it was noted, about 103,000 citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic temporarily registered in Migration Service Offices in Kazakhstan in 2012. "It is clear that almost all of them go to the city to work, and not on private business," International Protection Assistance Center in Kyrgyzstan Project Coordinator Akzhol Abdukerimov stated.

According to a monitoring , held by Kyrgyz experts, the main violations in labor rights sphere on the territory of Kazakhstan are work without contract, passports takeoff, working off a debt, nonpayment of wages and child labor . Many migrants go to perform agricultural works with families and children. Pregnant women are not eligible to undergo medical examination and get treatment without registration. "Migrant workers turn for help on the facts of non-payment of salaries, there are many other problems, but no one goes to court with them," Akzhol Abdukerimov added.

Source: 24.kg news agency