Aiylchy Sarybaev: Foreign debt of Kyrgyzstan exceeds $3.3 bln

Foreign debt of Kyrgyzstan exceeded $3.3 billion, the Doctor of Science Economics Aiylchy Sarybaev said today at the research and practice conference on the results of April revolution.

News | 02 April 2014
According to it, the debt has considerably increased in recent years. According to the expert, it is connected with the absence of economic program at the state level. "None of the parties and factions could suggest economic programs for the four years, they don't have such platform. That's why the president had to suggest the strategy of development till 2015," Aiylchy Sarybaev noted.

He noted that there are about 340,000 farming enterprise, however, there is no record of such enterprises.

According to the expert, about 60 percent of our economy is shadow.

Source: "" News Agency