Programme ‘Start and Improve Your Business’ in the Belgorod Region

During the market reform much importance is attached to acquiring new business skills. In developed countries people grow up in a market environment; in Russia the business knowledge still lags behind the rapid changes and new emerging problems that need to be resolved.

News | 18 August 2003
The Belgorod region of Russia has shown much commitment and interest in training skilled entrepreneurs, in studying economy and business.

From 18 to 29 August 2003 the region organized a train-of-trainers workshop under the ILO programme "Start and Improve Your Business" (SIYB).

The Workshop was moderated by Olga Lounina, who is currently the only SYIB expert in Russia, and Ms. Svetlana Boyarskaya, an assistant. All participants received sets of unique ILO training materials that will be very useful in their future work.

The ILO Subregional Office was represented by Ms. Severine Deboos, Programme Officer, who presented the ILO certificates. In her statement Ms. Deboos noted high professional level of the workshop participants.

Fourteen teachers from seven districts of the Belgorod region completed the course. They are expected to contribute to the training of small business entrepreneurs.

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