International Youth Day

International Youth Day (IYD) will be celebrated on 12 August 2003. The theme of this year’s celebrations will be youth employment. A major focus of the Day is practical action to encourage the empowerment and participation of youth in the processes and decisions that affect their lives and give a clear message that unemployment is the problem, and youth are the solution.

News | 12 August 2003
In previous years the Day has focused on Sustainable Development (2002), and on HIV/AIDS (2001).
Youth Employment Network (YEN)
Since 2001 The YEN, a partnership between the UN, the World Bank and the ILO, has brought together leaders in industry, youth and civil society representatives, and policy makers to explore imaginative solutions to the challenges of youth employment. The ILO Headquarters houses the YEN Secretariat.

The YEN includes a High Level Panel of twelve experts and practitioners on youth employment which have produced a set of policy recommendations that were discussed in the UN General Assembly in 2001. These recommendations focus on four global priority policy areas or the four “E’s”: Employability, Equal opportunities, Entrepreneurship, and Employment creation.

Detailed information on the Interantional Youth Day 2003 and on YEN’s activities will be available on-line at the new YEN site.

Letter from the UN Secretary General to the President of the UN General Assembly