1. Newsletter #1 - July 2002

    31 July 2002

  2. Labour market and employment implications of HIV/AIDS

    25 January 2002

    This paper is on the economic impact of HIV/AIDS, and focuses in particular on the labour market and employment implications of the epidemic. It analyses the effects of HIV/AIDS on the labour market, based mainly on the experience of sub-Saharan Africa where the problem, until now, is greatest.

  3. Working Towards a Poverty Eradication Strategy in Russia: Analysis and Recommendations.

    01 November 2001

  4. Newsletter #8 - October 2001

    31 October 2001

  5. In-depth analysis of the situation of working street children in the Leningrad region, 2001

    10 October 2001

  6. In-depth analysis of the situation of working street children in Moscow, 2001

    10 October 2001

  7. Child Labour report in Kyrgyzstan

    10 October 2001

    There are many children in Kyrgyzstan working in unfavorable and unlawful conditions. Independence has been a serious challenge to the country, and economic instability has led to delays in salary payments, mass unemployment and poverty.

  8. “Collective bargaining: ILO standards and the principles of the supervisory bodies”, Gernigon, B., Odero, A., Guido, G., ILO, Geneva

    10 October 2001

  9. “Labour rights, international labour standards and globalization (Turin/Geneva, 5-16/11/2001). Final report”, International Training Centre. International labour standards and human rights programme, ILO Turin

    10 October 2001

  10. Declaration of Commitment on HIV-AIDS "Global Crisis - Global Action"

    02 August 2001