1. Social protection in case of job loss: possible options to expand the coverage with unemployment protection programmes in Uzbekistan

    04 October 2021

    This national report was drafted under the guidance of the International Labour Organization (ILO) team within the UN Joint Programme on Social Protection in Uzbekistan funded by the Joint SDG Fund. The purpose of this report is to provide options for expanding the degree of coverage Uzbekistan’s unemployment protection programmes provide through a) the design of a general social insurance legal framework with an emphasis on strengthened unemployment insurance; and b) proposing options for a gradual extension of the coverage unemployment protection provides, starting with groups of workers in the informal economy that have the capacity to contribute. The report can serve as a background document to be used in deliberations as part of the Republican Tripartite Commission, working groups and policy makers drafting the Strategy for Social Protection for 2022-2030, Employment Strategy and Poverty Reduction Strategy to design measures aimed at strengthening protection against unemployment in the medium and long terms. Additionally, the report can be used by social partners to dovetail their actions and advocacy efforts.

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  6. COVID-19 and Recovery: The Role of Trade Unions in Building Forward Better

    24 June 2021

    This year's International Journal of Labour Research explores strategies for workers and their organizations to shape COVID-19 response policies as well as adapting internally to provide vital services to workers and continue fulfilling their societal role as advocate for social justice and workers’ rights. As such, the journal reveals key findings on various topics that are of special interest to trade unions and provide guidance on policies in building forward better.

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