Thinking the labour market for a job-rich economic recovery in the Commonwealth of Independent States

WEBINAR II "Monitoring labour markets and new trends on employment”

Organised by the ILO Moscow Office within the framework of the project “Partnerships for Youth Employment in the CIS”
19 May 2021
12:00-14:00 Moscow time

The ILO Moscow webinar series “Thinking the labour market for a job-rich economic recovery” is a practical response to country needs of evidence-based labour market analysis for facilitating the transition from COVID 19 immediate crisis responses toward an employment intensive economic recovery.

The series include a training package, which will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about youth and gender sensitive pro employment policies that can be adapted and adjusted for employment intensive economic growth in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

The second webinar “Monitoring labour markets and new trends on employment” aims to enhance the national capacity to monitor labour markets and new employment trends.

For well-designed national employment policies reducing unemployment is not enough. Job-rich economic recovery strategies consider the full potential of the labour force. Employment policies for reducing labour underutilization take into account all those who are not active in the labour market, discouraged job seekers, people who did not seek a job but want an employment, including those in employment and want to work additional hours.

The second webinar will present Tajikistan as a country case, national employment trends and challenges to be addressed by the new labour market development strategy until 2035.

ILO Moscow invited the following speakers:
  • Ramiro Pizarro, Manager of the Project “Partnerships for Youth Employment in the Commonwealth of Independent States”, phase II
  • Sher Verick, Head of the Employment Strategies and Youth Unit, ILO/Geneva
  • Per Ronnas, ILO international consultant
  • Duncan Campbell, ILO international consultant
  • Subhon Ashurov, Tajikistan national expert
Webinar will be conducted in Russian and English. Q&A session will follow the presentation.