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ILO/CIS Network

CIS is the knowledge management arm of the Programme on Safety and Health at Work and the Environment (SafeWork). Its goal is to ensure that workers and everyone concerned with their protection have access to the facts they need to prevent occupational injuries and diseases. CIS continuously monitors world literature on occupational safety and health through its contacts with publishers and with 136 focal points ("CIS Centres") at the national or regional level. Summaries and citations of the most useful publications, as well as products based on the collected information, are disseminated electronically and in print. The network of CIS Centres contributes to the exchange of information among persons responsible for the establishment and implementation of national policies and programmes.

CIS Centers in the subregion work in Georgia (1), Kazakhstan (1) and Russia (5).


ILO Safe Work Library

ILO Moscow produces an electronic information product called ILO Safework Library. ILO Safework Library contents over 2000 pages of information in Russian Language. Materials and publications are organized as in full text database format with well developed search engine and easy access to the materials.

ILO Safework library content:
  • ILO conventions on occupational safety and health;
  • ILO recommendations on occupational safety and health;
  • ILO reports to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work;
  • Codes of practice and practical guidelines;
  • Publications of the ILO and different countries;
  • Information materials;
  • International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSC);
  • Information lists of hazards of occupations;
Safework Library is available in the WEB and on CD and continuously updated by new documents.

ILO/CIS, Geneva has created a product “Safework Bookshelf” that is available in English and French version. “Safework Bookshelf” contains ILO OSH Encyclopaedia, ILO Conventions and Recommendations on OSH, Codes of Practice and International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSC)

English version of Safework Bookshelf

French version of Safework Bookshelf

ILO Encyclopaedia in Russian
The Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety is an authoritative source of on-line information on all aspects of the multidisciplinary field of occupational safety and health. The Fourth Edition was produced with the collaboration of thousands of recognized experts from over 50 countries; the private and public sectors, academia and industry, labour and management, researchers and practitioners are all represented. This latest edition consists of over 1,000 articles, complemented by over 1,000 illustrations and easy-to-read tables. Thousands of references are cited. Sources are listed at the end of each chapter, along with other relevant readings.

Full text of the 4-th Edition of ILO Encyclopedia on OSH in Russian language is available in the WEB.