Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe Photo Contest
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Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe Photo Contest

Thank you to all who submitted their images of migrant domestic workers in Europe.

The International Migration Programme of the ILO organized this photo contest in order to explore and to showcase the important and positive contributions that migrant domestic workers in Europe make to the societies they live in. In response, we received over 300 submissions showing a wide range of activities and situations.

Winners were selected by an expert panel of judges that included Karin Pape, coordinator of the International Domestic Worker's Network; Marcel de Bruijne, photographer ; Maria Gallotti, Migration Policy Specialist of the ILO; and Marcel Crozet, photographer of the ILO. The 'Promoting Integration for Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe' project team extends its thanks to these judges for their generosity and their critical expertise.

Below you will find the winning photos of the contest. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winners!

Winning photos: Migrant domestic workers photo contest

Migrant Domestic Workers Photo Contest
<strong>In front of the mirror<br /></strong><br />The awakening. Every day Svetlana leads Rosetta to the bathroom to prepare for the day. Svetlana sings a song… But Rosetta doesn’t look like she appreciates it too much!<br />
<strong>The tree<br /></strong><br />The roots of the tree represent the problems we face in the UK; the trunk or body is the challenges we are currently facing; the leaves, branches and flowers are our dreams and aspirations. Together we help, support and fight and defend our rights.<br /> <strong>Tata's birthday</strong> <strong>Abling at work 2<br /></strong><br />Abling and Coring are domestic workers, a couple and work together. Coring is president of United Migrant Domestic Workers, a self organized group that represents undocumented Filipino domestic workers in the Netherlands. Together they clean 15 houses weekly, these pictures are taken in Amsterdam.<br /> <strong>My heart is where the job is<br /></strong><br />Joseph is a Polish immigrant. His work is very important to him. He works as a gardener in a large estate.<br /> <strong>A nose for business<br /><br /></strong>Taking a walk in the Parc Villa Gruber. <strong>Dance together 2</strong>


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