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Equality at work: Philippines

Achieving equality in the workplace is attracting attention in the Philippines and elsewhere in the drive to respect the fundamental rights of workers and boost productivity.

Type: Book
Date issued: 10 May 2006
Reference: 9221172783[ISBN]
Authors: Gust, Gert A.
Format available: 104 p.

The paper is based on the premise that the workplace - whether factory, office, farm, plantation or household - can be a strategic entry point for fighting discrimination. everyone gains from eliminating discrimination at work: individuals, enteprises, and society at large. Fairness and justice in the workplace boost the self-esteem and morale of male and female workers and their productivity.

This is a follow-up study of ILO's Global Report on "Time for Equality at work" in the Philippine context. It is based on the assumption that Equality at Work is directly related to Decent Work for All, interpreted as providing "opportunities for women and men to obtain decent and productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security, and human dignity".

Tags: equal rights, right to work

Regions and countries covered: Philippines

Unit responsible: ILO Country Office for the Philippines

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Equality at work: Philippines


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