Child labour in small scale mining

In search for the pot of gold: A case study of the experiences of the ILO-IPEC Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour in Small Mining Communities in the Province of Camarines Norte, Philippines

The case study describes the lessons learned from the process, how the alliance has been formed, and the varied responses employed to combat child labour. It is hoped that lessons generated from the project will help local advocates and project implementers improve on their work.

Figuratively, the “pot of gold” is the symbol of an elusive dream and struggle of child workers and labourers and their families to get out from their poor conditions to see a better future. Literally, it also describes the small mining activities where communities are faced with a deadly adventure of boys as young as 10 years of age, engaged in mining, digging up to the depth of 62 feet underground looking for ores of gold.