Community enterprise and development methodology

The community enterprise development (CED) methodology

The methodology utilizes a Rapid Assessment Meeting (RAM) technique that maximizes active and personal participation of the target groups in identifying the most viable community enterprise projects particularly based on six economic criteria on market, capital, raw materials, service providers, support infrastructures and appropriate technology.

The methodology is adopted from various experiences in (non-farm) community-based training programmes of ILO in many parts of the world. However, in view of the social and economic environment, lots of improvements have been introduced especially in the materials (e.g. planning, training, organizing, management and administration, etc.). The changes were made in answer to various issues of effectiveness and efficiency not only in project management but most importantly on the sustainability, replicability and impact on the target groups and their communities. In addition, the improvements were made as a consequence of the unique characteristics of the area situation and its role in peace building.