Post-conflict employment creation, income generation and reintegration

ILO's intervention on post-conflict employment creation, income-generation and reintegration: The case of Mindanao, Philippines

Based on ILO's experiences, post-conflict projects require long-term perspectives. They should be well-phased, guided by policies and strategies that are popularly accepted. Economic reintegration cannot be forced. It must undergo a period of transition.

Post-conflict economic rehabilitation is aimed at promoting lasting peace and human security through the reintegration of former rebels and their communities into the mainstream of peace and national development. However, based on ILO's experience and lessons learned in Mindanao, peace and human security appears to be a state of mind. It is a matter of public and individual perception. It is an attitudinal and psychological plane that constantly shifts depending on the effectiveness of peace and development programmes especially those that impact on the social and economic status of the ex-combatants and the affected populace.