Child labour in the fishing sector

Children in pa-aling and kubkub fishing expeditions: An assessment report for on the deep-sea and fishing sector studies

Pa-aling is the local name given to a fishing technology said to replace the once controversial labour intensive but highly profitable commercial fishing venture, the Muro-ami. Muro-ami means a Japanese fishing gear used in reef fishing which consists of a movable bag net and two detachable wings effecting the capture of fish by spreading the net in arc form around reefs or shoals and with the aid of scaring devices, a cordon of fishermen drive the fish from the reefs toward the bag portion of the whole net.

A total ban on Muro-ami fishing was gravely advocated sometime 1986-89 due to a number of pressing issues set forth emphatically by concerned environmentalists, civic and religious groups and government agencies.

This paper intends to assess child labour in deep sea and fishing sector by reviewing available information particularly on muro-ami, pa-aling and kubkub fishing technologies. This includes details on: (a) operational terminologies; (b) print-media exposes; and (c) empirical studies review.