Assistance to reduce child labour

Country level engagement and assistance to reduce child labour (CLEAR): Fact sheet

CLEAR will be a great supplement to the newly-launched convergence programme against child labour of the Philippines using a HELP-ME strategy which stands for Health, Education and Training, Prevention, Prosecution and Protection and Monitoring and Evaluation.

The CLEAR project objectives were the following: (a) improvements in legislation addressing child labour issues; (b) improvements in monitoring and enforcement of laws and policies related to the worst forms of child labour (WFCL); (c) adoption and implementation of national plans of action on child labour; (d) enhanced implementation of national and local policies and programmes aimed at reduction and prevention of the WFCL; and (e) improvements in policies and social programmes to increase access to basic education, vocational training, social protection services, employment creation and poverty reduction initiatives for populations particularly vulnerable to the WFCL.