Local policy responses Philippine cases

Global transmission mechanisms and local policy responses Philippine cases

The study documents and analyzes locally-initiated and locally-implemented policy responses to the crisis particularly in the following areas, among others: enhancing employment and skills; local resource based infrastructure; and social assistance and social protection. The study draws attention to the extent of the impact of the crisis in the locality, including the processes behind the conceptualization of the policy response and partnerships built between the national government and private sector.

The paper sets out to describe: (a) ongoing vulnerabilities in the local financial sector, particularly the rural banks that are emerging as an important depository and remittance conduits for international migrants; (b) constraints faced by local authorities that make intervene on the production side difficult; (c) partnerships between industry leaders, local governments and local communities that are creating new domestic economy production linkages even during the crisis; and (d) new safety nets introduced by the national government and complementary social protection initiatives that may be needed to address income shocks.