Health micro-insurance

Health micro-insurance schemes: Feasibility study guide

This Guide is designed primarily for local organizations that manage a health insurance scheme. It distinguishes between schemes based on the members’ active participation in management and those that do not provide for such participation.

The Guide deals exclusively with the establishment or the further development of a health insurance activity. It does not address the feasibility of other activities, such as health savings and health credit, nor the establishment and management of a health centre or pharmacy, which may also be set up by health micro-insurance schemes or local organizations.

The Guide is aimed at the promoters of local schemes, regardless of their geographical location: Africa, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Latin America. Nevertheless, the methods and tools presented in the Guide are, to a large extent, based on the experiences of the STEP programme in West Africa since 1998. The guide provides step-by-step instructions and useful tools for designing a health micro-insurance scheme, but is not sufficient for conducting the various operations of a scheme once it has been set up.