Micro-insurance schemes in the Philippines

Inventory of micro-insurance schemes in the Philippines

This study gives an overview of existing micro-insurance schemes in the Philippines. The study is part of a global effort to document ongoing experiences of communities, local organizations, trade unions and the like. It attempts to capture the differences, the outreach, the types of organizations providing micro-insurance, the extent of coverage, in terms of population and benefits, and the linkages that these schemes may have with public or private programmes and with other schemes. Similar studies are conducted in selected countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Social security is a basic a human right. Yet more than half of the world’s population lacks any form of social security coverage. Lack of social security is largely concentrated in the informal economy in which women are disproportionately represented.

However, experience has shown that people are willing to contribute to social security benefits that satisfy their priority needs. Many communities all over the world have organized schemes as a response to their social security needs and to access basic services such as healthcare.