ILO 24-Hour Global Tour Manila: Child Labour

The issue of addressing child labour and improving working conditions in small-scale gold mines takes centre stage. The ILO 24-Hour Global Tour Manila held on 11 April 2019 featured a speech choir to bring to light that children are more precious than gold.

Date issued: 11 April 2019 | Size/duration: 00:06:49

In the Philippines, over 2.1 million children toil in child labour. They are engaged in hazardous work—farms and plantations, dangerous mines, on streets, in factories, and in private homes as child domestic workers. Child labour deprives children their potential and their dignity that is harmful to their physical and mental development. 

The ILO 24-Hour Global Tour Manila features as segment on child labour as the Teatrong Sikreto ang Pangalan from Caloocan National High School performed a speech choir to bring to light that "children are more precious than gold."

Government, workers, employers, non-government and civil society organizations have launched the #1MBatangMalaya (one million children free from child labour) campaign to mainstream the Philippine Program Against Child Labor.