Decent Work

Opening address at the Consultation with Workers’ Organizations on the Decent Work Country Programme

By Mr Khalid Hassan, Director, ILO Country Office for the Philippines at the Consultation with Workers’ Organizations on the Decent Work Country Programme, Quezon City, Philippines, 6 December 2017

Statement | Quezon City, Philippines | 06 December 2017
  • Brothers and sisters representing trade unions and workers’ organizations both in the public and private sector,
  • Ladies and gentlemen, good morning to all of you!
Let me say that it is a great pleasure and honour for me to welcome all of you to this consultation on the Decent Work Country Programme.

We are gathered here today for a dialogue and consultation, as a follow up to the agreements made during the High Level Tripartite Meeting held on October 30. We have completed consultations with the government and employers group.

We have moved the previous schedule to ensure a good representation of workers organizations and we appreciate your presence today. Your voices matter in setting priorities and shaping the Decent Work Country Programme.

Decent Work Country Programmes have been established as the main framework for ILO support based on priorities of the constituents and social partners to promote and realize decent work for all.

Social dialogue is a key strategy for the formulation of the Decent Work Country Programme. It is a process where the ILO and tripartite constituents - workers’ and employers’ organizations at the national level, and the government agree on priority areas where efforts will be focused.

Workers’ organizations play a key role to promote the needs and interests of workers. The ILO aims to engage the constituents in the planning, implementation and evaluation of Decent Work activities at the country level.

For the ILO, the constituents are not only seen as beneficiaries but also key actors and implementers in the whole process, ensuring their mandate and ownership of the decent work country programme process.

The success of the process is dependent on the degree to which your priorities are reflected and the level of engagement in the various stages.
As part of the initial preparation, the Department of Labor and Employment in partnership with the ILO has completed the Decent Work Country Diagnostics.

The Diagnostics, in which you have a copy, will serve as an analytical document in developing the Decent Work Country Programme. The Diagnostics provides evidence-based analysis on the progress and situation, including challenges to achieve decent work. We encourage you to use the diagnostics as reference in identifying key problems and outcome areas that you will commit to achieve in the next five years.

Within the Sustainable Development Goals, decent work is a key element to achieve inclusive and economic growth.

Decent work reflects people’s aspirations in AmBisyon 2040 as a way out of poverty and for Filipinos to enjoy a strongly rooted, comfortable and secure life.

The Decent Work Country Programme will contribute to the implementation of relevant components of the Philippine Development Plan, AmBisyon, DOLE’s eight-point labour and employment agenda, and the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 8 and decent work elements in other goals.

Your views and ideas from the perspective of workers organizations and trade unions are important contributions to this planning process as you are in a position to determine the real needs and aspirations of workers and their families.

Most of you had the opportunity to apply the theory of change as a tool for results-based planning. In view of this, I am confident that the dynamic interactions that we expect from this exercise will yield productive results.

In closing, let me express my sincerest appreciation for your presence and continued partnership. Underlying the ILO’s work is the importance of cooperation between governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations in fostering inclusive and sustained economic growth. Partnerships are a way to implement and to make this happen through decent work.

I look forward to the success of this consultation!

Thank you!