Public sector in the Philippines

Manifestation by Senator Drilon on the concurrence of ILO Convention 151

Manifestation by Senator Franklin Drilon, Chairperson of the Senate Minority Leader on the concurrence of the ratification of Convention 151 Labour Relations (Public Service) Convention, 1978 by the Senate of the Philippines

Statement | Manila, Philippines | 14 August 2017
Thank you, Mr President.

It is indeed a pleasure on our Committee to be able to move on the ratification of ILO Convention 151.

About 30 years ago, 1987 or 1988, I post the issue on legislative order, which recognized public sector unionism in our government. And, I am glad that after 30 years, we have today, concurring the ratification of this important ILO Convention, which gives teeth and the encouragement to public sector to go ahead on unionism.

So with that, Mr President, I am so pleased to cast my affirmative vote in concurring the ratification of a concept, which we started 30 years ago. Thank you, Mr President.