Occupational Safety and Health - Safe and Healthy Youth Project

Occupational Safety and Health Appreciation Course for Tripartite Councils

Workers and employers' representatives as well as DOLE focal persons of regional tripartite industry councils in the National Capital Region attended the pilot-run of the Appreciation Course on OSH for Tripartite Councils.

In addition to providing the participants the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and skills on basic concepts of occupational safety, health and environment, the course also featured sessions which aimed to enhance the participants' recognition of the role of tripartite councils in OSH promotion at the regional and industry levels. Participants went through sessions where they identified hazards, unsafe and unhealthy acts and conditions that result in workplace accidents and illnesses and where they were apprised of latest policies on enforcing OSH standards. A highlight of the course was a visit to a shoe manufacturing company which exports its products to major markets in Europe and the USA where participants were asked to identify hazards and come up with recommendations to address the same either through tripartite or industry action.