Decent work

Decent Work Country Diagnostics consultation and validation workshop

The ILO will bring together government agencies, workers and employers organizations, key stakeholders and partners to validate initial findings of the Decent Work Country Diagnostics. Indicative priorities and challenges from the Diagnostics will serve as input to the Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP).

The Decent Work Country Diagnostics is a draft comprehensive narrative of the growth, productive employment, decent work situation and trends in the Philippines. The Diagnostics aims to provide indicative priorities and to identify decent work challenges as input to the development of the Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) and other development plans.

Preliminary findings of the draft Decent Work Country Diagnostics will be presented in a consultation and validation workshop. Key government agencies led by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), workers’ and employers’ organizations, academe institutions, civil society and non-government organizations, United Nations agencies and other stakeholders are invited to participate.

The workshop will discuss preliminary findings and priority decent work challenges identified, as well as gather views, comments and recommendations to improve and to validate its findings.

The current draft of the Diagnostics covers eight thematic areas:
  1. Overall setting
  2. Employment by status
  3. Fundamental principles and rights at work and international labour standards
  4. Decent working conditions and occupational safety and health
  5. Social protection
  6.  International labour migration;
  7. Social dialogue, and
  8. Main decent work challenges ahead
In coming up with the draft Diagnostics report, the ILO worked with DOLE, in close consultation with employers and workers organizations, and other relevant government agencies in a series of activities. These activities include review, mapping and updating of Decent Work statistical and legal framework indicators, as well as conduct of consultations and validations to identify trends, challenges and strategic developments.

The whole process is intertwined with the Future of Work consultations, which is the centenary initiative of the ILO, and the reporting of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) indicators for which ILO is provides technical support.