Child labour and youth employment

Understanding Child Labour and Youth Employment Outcomes in the Philippines Report Launch

Understanding Children's Work, an interagency programme of the ILO, UNICEF and World Bank, will launch a new report entitled, “Understanding child labour and youth employment outcomes in the Philippines". The report looks at the situation of child labour and youth unemployment in the Philippines, their extent, causes and consequences and outlines recommendations to address them.

The interagency research programme, Understanding Children’s Work (UCW), will launch a new report, “Understanding child labour and youth employment outcomes in the Philippines”.

The report was developed under the aegis of the National Child Labour Committee (NCLC) chaired by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), and in close collaboration with ILO, UNICEF and World Bank. The report provides an important common basis for action in addressing child labour and youth employment issues, based on the following objectives:
  • improve the information base on child labour and youth employment, in order to inform policy and programmatic responses;
  • promote policy dialogue on child labour and the lack of opportunities for decent and productive work for youth;
  • analyse the relationship between early school leaving, child labour and future status in the labour market; and
  • build national capacity for regular collection and analysis of data relating to child labour and youth employment.
Over a hundred representatives from the National Child Labor Committee, government agencies, the United Nations and media organizations are invited to the report launch and panel discussion, followed by a press conference.

Understanding Children's Work, an interagency research programme, was initiated by the International Labour Organization (ILO), UNICEF and the World Bank to help inform efforts towards eliminating child labour.