Labour laws compliance

First National Summit on Labour Laws Compliance Systems (LLCS)

The Summit was part of the ILO and United States’ Department of Labor Project on Building the Capacity of the Philippines’ Labour Inspectorate aimed at providing social partners a platform for reviewing the first two years of implementation of the Labour Laws Compliance System (LLCS).

The Summit was divided into two parts. Part 1 covers activities on orientation and dialogue on the stakeholders' perspective/role relative to the implementation of the LLCS. Part 2 was the culminating activities devoted to threshing out of operational concerns on LLCS within the Department and its Regional Offices with special focus on the use of LLCS-Management Information System (MIS) and LLCS manual and checklist. The LLCS is a major departure from the country’s previous labour inspection system, since it combines both regulatory and developmental approaches, with the use of joint assessments as a primary mode of assessing enterprise compliance, and promotion of DOLE programmes and services to assist enterprises towards compliance. 

The milestones of the Summit were the following:
  • Ratify the ILO Labour Inspection Convention 1947 (No. 81) and ILO Labour Inspection (Agriculture), 1969 (No. 129).
  • Upgrade the LLCS-Management Information System (LLCS-MIS).
  • Ensure more effective labour inspections by strengthening HRD support for the labour inspectorate, revise the assessment checklists and LLCS operational manual, and mainstream the use of LLCS annual reports by reviewing the programmes and strategies at DOLE’s national and regional levels.
  • Promote more effective employee and employer engagement in the implementation of the LLCS through the development of relevant information and advocacy materials, and establishment of Tripartite Compliance Committees at various levels.
  • Promote a culture of voluntary compliance by strengthening DOLE programmes and services that will assist enterprises towards compliance and forging partnerships social partners in  selected enterprises and industries.
The Roadmap as well as the proposed amendments to the implementing guidelines of the LLCS were submitted to the National Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (NTIPC) for further refinements and adoption, targeted within the first half of 2016. The event ended on a positive note, with participants expressing their hope that the Summit would broaden social dialogue at the enterprise, regional, industry and national levels on how to strengthen the country’s labour inspectorate system.

The Summit's culminating activities were:
  • Oriented Labour Laws Compliance Officers (LLCOs), regional and field Technical Support Service Division (TSSD) and Field Office (FO) Heads on the technical changes/updates of the LLCS-MIS.
  • Discussed innovations or best practices undertaken by the Department and the Regional Offices relative to the implementation of the LLCS through the use of LLCS Manual and Checklist.
  • Discussed and addressed operational concerns and policy gaps within the Department and its Regional Offices.
  • Developed and adopted a resolution indicating agreement and commitment on LLCS implementation to include framework for the proposed five-year LLCS Roadmap (2016-2020).