Domestic workers empowerment

Meeting with the Workers Group of the Domestic Work Technical Working Group and Implementing Partners of the Domestic Workers Empowerment Programme

This meeting convened all the workers group representatives under the Technical Working Group on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (Domestic Work TWG) and other partners who form part in the implementation of DWEP. The meeting was attended by representatives from trade unions, informal economy/ sector group, domestic workers representatives, civil society organizations, external consultants and ILO.

During the meeting, partners presented updates and results of their implementation of DWEP, based on the results of the Partners’ Meeting and Assessment Session on DWEP held in May 2015, and it was followed by a brief discussion with ILO Senior Enterprise and Business Development Specialist, Mr Charlie Bodwell.

After that, ILO presented the list of ongoing initiatives in line with the development of Kasambahay Information and Training Guide for all service providers; continuation of technical assistance in capacity building on rights awareness, basic financial literacy and organizing domestic workers; process documentation of initiatives of workers groups to organize domestic workers; and data collection on conciliation, mediation and dispute resolution in domestic work sector in the Philippines.