International labour standards in the Philippines

Seafarers assemble at the upper deck (@ILO/D. Respall).

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International labour standards (ILS) provide a policy framework for the ILO’s work to promote social justice in the world of work and realize the decent work agenda.
The Philippines has ratified 37 ILO Conventions of which 30 are in force. These include all fundamental Conventions covered by the 1998 Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and its Follow-up and two Governance or Priority Conventions on tripartite consultation and employment policy.
The ILO continues to promote Conventions on industrial relations in the public sector, occupational safety and health, decent work for fishers and labour inspection. Information from ILO’s supervisory mechanisms remain to be source of technical assistance for the ILO to support improved application of ratified Conventions such as seafarers, domestic workers and labour clauses in public contracts. Elimination of child labour, labour inspection and freedom of association are covered by technical cooperation programmes.
In August 2014, assistance has been provided in the Philippines’ reporting obligations for newly ratified Conventions – such as Domestic Workers Convention 2011 (No. 189) and the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.
Technical cooperation projects for disaster and crisis response promote the application of national standards on minimum wage, social protection and occupational safety and health to ensure decent work for affected communities.

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