Global Summit on Gender in Aviation held in Spain, with active participation of ILO

ILO Deputy Director-General Manuela Tomei participated in the high-level session on 5 July and moderated the tripartite panel: Promoting decent work, best practices in the aviation industry.

Noticia | 7 de julio de 2023
Intervention by Manuel Tomei, ILO Deputy Director-General, during the high-level panel
From 5 to 7 July 2023, organised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), with the participation of the ILO among other organisations and with the support of the Government of Spain, this important meeting was held in Madrid, bringing together 900 representatives of the industry both in person and virtually, trade unions, governments, entities and organisations in the sector, to promote the implementation in practice of ICAO Assembly Resolution A39-30 on the Gender Equality Programme, which promotes the participation of women in the global aviation sector, in line with SDG 5 of the 2030 Agenda.

Women's participation in the highly technical and specialised aviation sector is far from equal. Less than 5 per cent of pilots are women and only 6 per cent of airline CEOs are women. The sector is also experiencing a sharp increase in activity and there is a clear shortage of professionals. All this encourages international efforts to promote reflection and share experiences and good practices in order to give a definitive boost to this challenge.

The ILO renewed its agreement with ICAO in 2022 to promote decent work in the aviation sector, which is the framework for collaboration at this summit. A tripartite technical meeting on a green, sustainable and inclusive economic recovery for the civil aviation sector was held in Geneva in April 2023. The conclusions and recommendations adopted by that meeting reflect the aviation industry's commitment to promoting fundamental principles and rights at work for all. Among other things, the industry committed itself to addressing gender imbalances throughout the employment cycle.

The ILO Deputy Director-General for Governance, Rights and Dialogue outlined the important challenges to achieve equal participation of women and men in the sector, pointing out various proposals to make decisive progress in this effort. In this regard, she referred to the reinforcement of international standards that promote and protect decent work and the reduction of the gender gap, she pointed out that ILO Convention 190, which is being widely ratified, is a legal instrument that protects women specifically in situations of violence and harassment in the workplace, and she mentioned numerous examples of progress being made through social dialogue.

ILO poster exhibition on decent work in the aviation sector