RDW Conference Papers and Presentation slides
Day 1 (8 July 2009)
Plenary I
Session 1.1 Beyond deregulatory narratives I
Session 2.1 Regulating non-standard work I
Session 3.1 Understanding labour regulations - Brazil, Indonesia and Korea
Session 1.2 Beyond deregulatory narratives II
Session 2.2 Labour regulation and migration
Session 3.2 Innovation in legal policies
Session 4.1 Assessing flexicurity
Plenary II
Day 2 (9 July 2009)
Session 1.3 Regulatory enforcement: some measurement issues
Session 2.3 Labour market reforms and outcomes I
Session 3.3 Regulating wages I - reviving the debate
Session 4.2 Regulating work in global production I
Session 1.4 Working conditions as an object of regulation
Session 2.4 Labour market reforms and outcomes II
Session 3.4 Regulating wages II - Asian experiences
Session 4.3 Regulating work in global production II
Session 1.5 Reconsidering labour regulations
Session 2.5 Flexibility, security and participation: new methods and approaches
Session 3.5 Regulations, working life and gender
Session 4.4 International framework agreements
Plenary III
Day 3 (10 July 2009)
Session 1.6 Working time regulation: Institutional linkages and new perspectives
Session 2.6 Promoting social protection in the informal economy
Session 3.6 Enforcements of labour laws: a weak link?
Session 1.7 Regulating non-standard work
Session 2.7 Enabling environments for labour regulation in the informal economy
Session 3.7 Quality of working life at the firm-level
Session 4.5 Labour regulations, wage inequality, and low wages
Session 1.8 Evaluating regulations - new frontiers
Session 2.8 Monitoring job quality - How can this be done?
Session 3.8 Regulating domestic work - new approaches
Plenary IV (Panel Debate) Economic crisis and labour regulations: new issues and challenges