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International Chemical Control Toolkit

Frequently used solvents

  • If you are looking for the inhalation control guidance sheets for the solvent, click on its name in the first column.
  • All the solvents in the list also belong to the Hazard Group S (Skin and eye contact). For the relevant control sheet click here.

Substance Hazard Group Volatility
Acetone A and S Medium
Butyl acetate A and S Medium
Diesel B and S Low
Ethyl acetate A and S Medium
Hexane B and S Medium
Isopropyl alcohol A and S Medium
Methanol C and S Medium
Methyl ethyl ketone A and S Medium
Methyl isobutyl ketone B and S Medium
Paraffin (Kerosene) A and S Low
Perchloroethylene C and S Medium
Petrol B and S High
Toluene B and S Medium
Trichloroethylene C and S Medium
White spirit (Mineral spirit) B and S Low
Xylene A and S Medium

Updated by AS (CIS), approved by PB (SafeWork). Last modification: 20.06.2006.