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International Chemical Control Toolkit

List of guidance sheets

Sheet ID Description
P100 Concentrate dilution
P101 Application (spraying and dusting)
P102 Fumigation
P103 Using poison baits
P104 Disposing of used containers
Control Approach 1
100 General principles
101 Sack, bottle and drum storage
102 Bulk storage
103 Removing waste from air cleaning unit
Control Approach 2
200 General principles
201 Ventilated workbench or cupboard
202 Ventilated booth
203 Removing waste from air cleaning unit
204 Conveyor transfer
205 Sack filling
206 Sack emptying
207 Charging reactor or mixer from sack or keg
208 IBC filling and emptying
209 Drum filling
210 Drum emptying with a drum pump
211 Weighing solids
212 Mixing liquids with liquids or solids
213 Mixing solids
214 Sieving
215 Screening
216 Spray painting
217 Pickling / Plating bath
218 Vapour degreasing bath
219 Tray drying oven
220 Pelletising
221 Tablet press
Control Approach 3
300 General principles
301 Glove box
302 Removing waste from extraction unit
303 Transferring solids
304 High throughput sack emptying
305 Drum filling
306 Drum emptying
307 IBC filling and emptying (solids)
308 IBC filling and emptying (liquids)
309 Tanker filling and emptying (solids)
310 Tanker filling and emptying (liquids)
311 Keg filling
312 Transferring liquid by pump
313 Filling small containers (packets and bottles)
314 Weighing solids using a load cell
315 Weighing liquids using a load cell
316 Mixing solids
317 Mixing liquids with liquids or solids
318 Vapour degreasing bath
Control Approach 4
400 General principles
Skin and eye contact
Sk100 How to reduce skin contact with hazardous substances
Respiratory protection equipment
R100 Selection and use of respiratory protective equipment
Safety issues
S100 Key features of Lock-out/tag-out system
Environment issues
E100 Control of emissions to air
E200 Control of emissions to water
E300 Safe disposal of solid waste

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