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ILO activities in the post-war world (Part 2: 1960-1988)

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  1. Key documents

1968, International Year for Human Rights

In June 1966, the 50th Session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) adopted a resolution on ILO′s contribution to the International Year for Human Rights in which it undertook to ensure the Organization′s ongoing cooperation with the United Nations for universal respect for and observation of human rights worldwide.

In June 1968, the ILO Director-General, David A. Morse speaking at the ILC 52nd Session, came back to ILO human rights activities. His report (see Key documents) presented the ILO′s means of action (standard-setting and a supervisory system, implementation of practical technical cooperation activities) and its main objectives from the point of view of the 1944 Philadelphia Declaration (freedom, equality, economic and social security, etc.). The subject was also presented by ILO at the International Conference on Human Rights held in Tehran in April-May 1968.

During the 52nd Session, the ILC adopted a resolution concerning action by the ILO in the field of human rights. The resolution recalled the “urgent need for eliminating discrimination made on the basis of race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin” and invited ILO to implement a long-term concerted human rights programme.

  1. 1960-1988:
    ILO activities in the post-war world (Part 2: 1960-1988)
    1. 1960
    2. 1964
    3. 1965
    4. 1968
    5. 1969
    6. 1970
    7. 1973
    8. 1974
    9. 1977
    10. 1982
    11. 1986
  2. 1919-1939
  3. 1940-1945
  4. 1946-1959
  5. 1989-1998
  6. 1999-

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