Events and meetings

Within its mandate and its project activities, LAB/ADMIN organizes events and meetings on a regular basis with a view to offering a platform for the exchange of experiences, views and good practices on subjects of particular interest in the field of labour administration and labour inspection. Moreover, this gives the opportunity to further develop new ideas and innovative approaches in the field of labour administration and labour inspection while maintaining close contact with the constituents, experts, employers and workers.

November 2015

  1. Academy on Labour Administration and Labour Inspection

    2 - 13 November 2015, International Training Centre of the ILO, Turin, Italy

    The Academy on Labour Administration and Labour Inspection will examine ways to improve institutional capacities related to the key functions of promotion of labour laws, social dialogue, employment and research. It will discuss how to improve planning, monitoring and evaluation in labour administration as well as data collection and how to establish effective collaboration with other institutions. The Academy will also share new research on selected topics related to labour administration generally, and labour inspection, specifically.

September 2014

  1. Global Dialogue Forum on Wages and Working Hours in the Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear Industries

    23 - 25 September 2014, Geneva, Switzerland

    Tripartite participants discussed ways to address wages and working hours in the textiles, clothing, leather and footwear industries.

July 2014

  1. ASEAN Labour Inspection Conference 2014

    3 - 4 July 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

    It is the succeeding event to three previous conferences that tackled and provided recommendations on national and ASEAN-level issues which included developing new methods and tools for improving labour inspection effectiveness, strengthening enforcement of national safety and health laws, and concerns surrounding labour migration, child labour, and the agricultural sector.

June 2014

  1. Labour Inspection Management Workshop

    23 - 24 June 2014, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Labour Inspection Management Workshop will shed light on the organizational structure and the business processes of the Department of Inspection of Factories and Establishments of the Government of Bangladesh aimed at improving capacity of the labour inspection system.

December 2013

  1. Labour Inspection and the Role of Private Compliance Initiatives

    10 - 12 December 2013, International Labour Office, Geneva, Switzerland

    Following a general discussion on labour administration and labour inspection at the 100th Session (2011) of the International Labour Conference, the ILO Governing Body decided in October 2013 to convene a meeting of experts on labour inspection and the role of private compliance initiatives.