31 March 2012

Fully operational labour administration and labour inspection machinery is crucial for implementing the principles of decent work. Labour administration systems shape and sustain labour policies at the national level and a professional and effective labour inspection system is indispensable for ensuring labour law compliance.

ILO Conventions No. 81, 129 and 150 are important international benchmarks, giving guidance to constituents on the shape and function of effective labour administration and labour inspection systems.

Within the ILO, the Labour Administration and Inspection Programme (LAB/ADMIN) is responsible for providing technical assistance and guidance to member States and social partners to help strengthen national systems of labour administration and labour inspection. In so doing, it promotes the ratification and application of ILO Conventions No. 81, 129 and 150. LAB/ADMIN also tracks new trends, developments and challenges in these fields through its close contact with constituents and involvement in professional networks so that its technical assistance is based on the most current and comparative knowledge available.