Evaluation and planning meeting of the Arab Centre for Labour Administration

The Governance and Tripartism Department of the ILO attended the evaluation and programming meetings of the Arab Centre for Labour Administration and Employment (ACLAE) held in Tunis on the 4th and 5th December 2018.

News | 07 December 2018
Contact(s): labadmin-osh@ilo.org
The Centre, supported by the Internal Labour Office, the Arab Labour Organization and the Ministry of Social Affairs of Tunisia continues to play it’s unique role as a forum for knowledge and experience sharing between labour administration institutions of Arab countries. The programming committee has approved the Centre’s plan for 2019, comprised of national activities covering topics from labour law, social protection, social dialogue, collective bargaining to labour inspection.

In the upcoming year, the Centre will organize a meeting on labour administration and the formalization of the informal economy in Northern African countries, and will invite all Member States to convene to discuss how is labour inspection expected to evolve in a way to reaffirm its position as an influential player in a scenario of change affecting the region, and how can the ILO and the Arab Labour Organization assist in the process.