The ILO Office in Nepal publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals relevant to Nepal. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested in hard copy from the ILO Office in Nepal.


  1. Labour law, the business environment and growth of micro and small enterprises - Nepal

    15 October 2014

    part of a series of four country studies commissioned by the ILO to research the impact of labour laws and the cost of regularization on entrepreneurs’ decisions to formalize their business.

  2. Labour Migration for Employment: A Status Report for Nepal 2013/14

    01 October 2014

    This report captures the trends in labour migration from Nepal. Although various government agencies have maintained and published data on various aspects of labour migration, this is the first time a government report brings together all the various data sources in a comprehensive overview. The report also highlights the achievements of the Government till date, remaining challenges and suggests ways forward. As such, it presents a statistical basis and a guide for policy-makers and other stakeholders concerned with addressing labour migration issues, particularly to ensure that the rights of migrants are protected.

  3. Occupational health and safety assessment of child workers in the brick industry in Nepal

    01 September 2014

    This study assesses health impacts associated with the brick industry focusing on child workers. The study provides supportive evidence to inform policy and practical interventions that will a) protect the health, safety and well-being of youth of legal working age and b) enable the removal of children less than the legal working age (i.e. below 14) from exploitative work in the brick industry.

  4. Labour market transitions of young women and men in Asia and the Pacific

    27 August 2014

    This report presents the results of the School-to-work transition surveys (SWTS) implemented in five countries in the Asia-Pacific region – Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Samoa and Viet Nam – in 2012 or 2013. The indicators resulting from the surveys and analysed in this report provide a much more detailed picture of the youth in the labour market in a part of the world where labour market information is sparse and sporadic. Results show that unemployment of young people remains a matter of concern, especially among those with higher education, but that issues relating to the quality of work available to young people are of even greater relevance to the design and implementation of policy interventions.

  5. Independent Evaluation of Outcome 17: Gender Mainstreaming with the support of Sweden and Norway Partnership Agreements (Final Evaluation Summary)

    10 July 2014

    Projects: GLO/11/58/SID; GLO/12/50/NOR; GLO/12/53/NOR Evaluation Consultant:Dr. Jane Hailé

  6. Brochure: Extend social protection: combat child labour! World Day Against Child Labour, 12 June 2014 (in Nepali)

    06 June 2014

  7. Global Action Programme on Migration Domestic Workers and their Families (Project leaflet)

    02 June 2014

    The Global Action Programme on Migrant Domestic Workers and their Families (Migrant Domestic Workers in Action) seeks to address the specific challenges migrant domestic workers face by implementing global advocacy and knowledge development initiatives in five “migration corridors”: Indonesia-Malaysia; Paraguay-Argentina, Nepal-Lebanon; Ukraine-Poland; Zimbabwe-South Africa.

  8. Labour market transitions of young women and men in Nepal

    27 May 2014

    This report presents the highlights of the 2013 School-to-work Transition Survey (SWTS) and Labour Demand Enterprise Survey(LDES) run together with the Centre for Economic Development and Administration (CEDA) within the framework of the ILO Work4Youth Project.

  9. ILO and Cooperatives - ILO COOP NEWS No. 1, 2014

    19 May 2014

    This issue of the COOP News includes articles on various events, projects, trainings and meetings related to the work of the ILO's COOP Unit between January and March, 2014.

  10. Enhancing Employment-Centric Growth in Nepal: Situational Analysis for the Proposed Employment Policy, Government of Nepal

    13 May 2014

    The study outlines the situation of the labour market in Nepal, highlighting in particular, the key constraints and challenges relating to employment-centric growth and reviews existing policies and programmes relevant to the challenges of employment.

  11. Nepal: Addressing the Employment Challenge through the Sectoral Pattern of Growth

    12 May 2014

    The report gives an overview of employment situation and challenges in Nepal and discusses on sectoral pattern of growth to address the challenge that Nepal's economy faces. The specific sectors that have been selected for analysis in the Report are agriculture, manufacturing (with attention to sub-sectors within manufacturing), infrastructure and tourism.

  12. ILO Nepal Decent Work Newsletter Bi-annual, issue-1, May 2014

    01 May 2014

    The first bi-annual newsletter of the ILO Country Office for Nepal looks into current events, challenges and achievements.

  13. ILO-Norway and ILO-Sweden Partnership programmes' contribution towards Outcome 9: Employers have strong, independent and representative organization - [GLO/12/56/NOR, GLO/12/60/SID] (Evaluation Summary)

    30 April 2014

    Project: GLO/12/60/SID, and GLO/12/56/NOR - Evaluation Consultants: Mikael Söderbäck, Peter Westermark, and John Saegaert

  14. ACTRAV Norway Project (Fact sheet)

    04 April 2014

    ACTRAV is the Bureau for Workers’ Activities within the ILO. It has a mandate to strengthen representative, independent and democratic trade unions in all countries.

  15. Decent Work Country Programme, Nepal 2013-2017

    21 February 2014

    The Decent Work Country Programme 2013-17 reflects the priorities of the tripartite constituents in Nepal, and is aligned with the national development priorities of the government, strategic priorities of the ILO and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework.

  16. Green Jobs Programme for Asia and the Pacific Background Brief No.4 - September 2013

    31 January 2014

    This background brief provides a summary of the latest news, activities and events from the ILO Green Jobs Programme for Asia and the Pacific up to September 2013.

  17. Gender Responsive Recovery for Sustainable Peace (GRRSP) (Project fact sheet)

    21 January 2014

    Gender Responsive Recovery for Sustainable Peace (GRRSP), a joint project of UN Women, ILO and FAO, has been developed to strengthen the implementation of national commitments to women’s empowerment and gender equality in the context of Nepal’s peace-building process.

  18. Promoting the Effective Governance of Labour Migration from South Asia through Actions on Labour Market Information, Protection during Recruitment and Employment, Skills and Development Impact (Project fact sheet)

    08 January 2014

    The South Asia Labour Migration Governance Project aims to promote the management of labour migration from India, Nepal and Pakistan to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


  1. Bureau of Employers Activities in Nepal (ACT/EMP) (Fact sheet)

    28 October 2013

    The ILO's Bureau for Employers' Activities is responsible for nurturing and developing the relationship between the ILO and the employers’ organizations. This fact sheet gives more information on ACT/EMP's activities in Nepal.

  2. Work for Youth (W4Y) (Midterm Evaluation Summary)

    22 October 2013

    Project GLO/11/01/MCF Master Card Project - Evaluation consultant: Tim Otter