The ILO Office in Nepal publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals relevant to Nepal. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested in hard copy from the ILO Office in Nepal.


  1. Action against child labour through education and training (Final Evaluation Summary)

    12 May 2003

    Project INT/98/10/NOR

  2. Labour market policies, economic growth and poverty reduction : lessons and non-lessons from the comparative experience of East, South-East and South Asia

    01 April 2003

    Issues in Employment and Poverty, Discussion Paper No.8

  3. Workplace Action on HIV/AIDS - Issue 3, March 2003

    01 March 2003


  1. Cross border trafficking of boys: Nepal

    31 December 2002

  2. Trafficking and sexual abuse among street children in Kathmandu

    01 December 2002

    The main aim of the study was to examine the element of trafficking and also the extent and nature of sexual abuse among street children. The study utilizes both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods.

  3. Internal trafficking among children and youth engaged in prostitution in Nepal

    01 December 2002

    The present study attempts to identify the causes and elements of trafficking among children and youth engaged in prostitution in the Kathmandu Valley.

  4. Nepal - Bonded labour among child workers of the Kamaiya system: A rapid assessment (IWFCL, no 5)

    01 December 2002

  5. South Asia Subregional Programme to Combat Trafficking in Children for Exploitative Employment (TICSA)- Final Project Evaluation (2002)

    01 July 2002

    The ILO-IPEC South-Asian Sub regional Programme to Combat Trafficking in Children for Exploitative Employment (TICSA) was launched in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka in February 2000.

  6. NEPAL: Child Labour in the Nepalese Carpet Sector: A Rapid Assessment (2002)

    16 June 2002

    An assessment to explore the relationship between child labour and the Nepalese carpet industries.

  7. NEPAL: Specialized Training Manual on Psychosocial Counselling for Trafficked Youth (2002)

    01 April 2002

    A training manual on psychosocial counselling for trafficked youth developed by the Center for Victims and Torture (CVICT) in Kathmandu. This manual was offered to social workers and counsellors who help the children in rehabilitation centres in South Asia as part of the Trafficking in Children South Asia Project (TICSA) project of the ILO’s International Programme on the elimination of Child Labour (IPEC).


  1. Nepal - Situation of child porters: A rapid assessment (IWFCL, no 6)

    01 December 2001

  2. Nepal - Situation of child rag pickers: A rapid assessment (IWFCL, no 4)

    01 December 2001

    Aims to gather information on the hazardous conditions facing childrenwho work as ragpickers, known as Khate in Nepalese slang, and the manner in which these children are exploited. Provides details on the nature, processes, and problems of child ragpicking, including the perceptions and behaviours of these children towards education, work and society.

  3. Nepal - Trafficking in girls with special reference to prostitution: A rapid assessment (IWFCL, no 2)

    01 December 2001

    Aims to shed new light on the plight and lives of Nepalese girls trafficked within their country or across the border to India, for sexual exploitation. More specifically, the study focuses on uncovering the causes,characteristics, magnitude and consequences of these children and their involvement in this hidden worst form, and to offer recommendations based on these findings.

  4. Nepal - Situation of Domestic Child Labourers in Kathmandu: A rapid assessment (IWFCL, no 3)

    01 November 2001

    Rapid assessment undertaken in Kathmandu to characterise DCL and to understand the trends in their employment. It provides overall quantitative and qualitative information on the topic of domestic child labour to fill the many gaps in knowledge about this hidden form of work.

  5. 35th anniversary: ILO-Nepal partnership

    01 November 2001

    The publication is on the technical assistance programme from 1966 with the government and the ILO's social partners in Nepal.


  1. NEPAL: Migration of Working Children in Nepal (1995-96)

    01 December 1997

    A report on the study on “Migration of Working Children” in Nepal done using the Migration and Employment Survey, 1996.

  2. NEPAL: Child Labour Situation in Nepal (Report From Migration and Employment Survey, 1995/96)

    16 September 1997

    A report on the child labour situation in Nepal in 1995-96. The study was carried out as a sub-set of a larger study on the migration and employment situation in Nepal.


  1. Final Project Evaluation - The Dhaulagiri Irrigation Development Project (NEP/86/MO2/DAN) Main Report, May 1996

    01 May 1996

    The Dhaulagiri Irrigation Development Project (DIDP) started in 1989 until 1996 with an employment-intensive and participatory approach towards small-scale irrigation development in four Districts; Baglung, Mustang, Myagdi and Parbat) of the Dhaulagiri Zone in Nepal.

  2. Promoting occupational safety and health in Nepal: programme in action: an advisory report

    01 January 1996

    An advisory report on actions promoting occupational safety and health in Nepal.

  3. Factors affecting women entrepreneurship in small and cottage industries in Nepal

    01 January 1996

    Study on opportuninties and constraints for women entrepreneurs in small cottage industries in Nepal. Describes legal barriers to women entrepreneurship and financial and market constraints facing women in particular.