The ILO Office in Nepal publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals relevant to Nepal. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested in hard copy from the ILO Office in Nepal.


  1. Nepal - Country baselines under the ILO Declaration Annual Review (2000-2008): Freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining (FACB)

    15 February 2008

  2. School-to-work transition : evidence from Nepal

    05 February 2008

    Employment Working Paper No. 10

  3. The right to practice shifting cultivation as a traditional occupation in Nepal - A case study to apply ILO Conventions No.111 (Employment and Occupation) and No.169 (Indigenous and Tribal Peoples).

    01 January 2008

  4. Newsletter - The ILO and indigenous and tribal peoples (theme - traditional occupations)

    01 January 2008

  5. Including Indigenous Peoples in Poverty Reduction Strategies - A practice guide based on experiences from Cambodia, Cameroon and Nepal.

    01 January 2008

  6. An inventory of micro-insurance schemes in Nepal

    01 January 2008

    This inventory gives an overview of existing and newly planned micro-insurance schemes in Nepal, called the Micro-Insurance Scheme Inventory.


  1. Workers' Education Programme on Social Dialogue and Social Dialogue and Youth Employment a Joint Evaluation (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 October 2007

  2. Workplace Education Programme on Social Dialogue and Youth Employment (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 October 2007

    Project INT/04/09/NOR

  3. National policy document on HIV/AIDS in the workplace

    01 October 2007

    National policy document on HIV/AIDS in the workplace is formulated for strategic intervention as a guideline for collaboration among employers, workers and employees, and all other stakeholders, on HIV/AIDS-related problem management in the workplace.

  4. Capacity Building for Employers' Organizations on Productivity and Competitiveness (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 September 2007

    Project INT/04/39/NOR

  5. Newsletter - The ILO and indigenous and tribal peoples (theme - discrimination)

    01 January 2007


  1. Coping with Trade Liberalisation Adjustment

    01 December 2006

  2. Freedom of association - Digest of decisions and principles of the Freedom of Association Committee of the Governing Body of the ILO. Fifth (revised) edition, 2006

    01 November 2006

    Summarizes the decisions and principles of the Committee on Freedom of Association up to its 339th report (November 2005).

  3. Supporting the time-bound programme on the elimination of the worst forms of child labour in Nepal (Final Evaluation Summary)

    01 August 2006

    Project NEP/01/50/USA

  4. Labour-management cooperation in SMEs: Forms and factors

    26 April 2006

    Examines the specific forms and factors of labour-management partnership for productivity and competitiveness in some small and medium-sized enterprises in selected developing countries.

  5. Reaching behind closed doors: A survey of legal and policy responses to child domestic labour in South Asia together with recommendations for reform

    05 April 2006

    This paper frames the international standard of protection in the context of child domestic labour and reviews by comparison the extent of legal and policy measures relating to this sector across South Asia.

  6. Achieving the Millennium Development Goals among the Indigenous Surels of Nepal.

    01 January 2006

  7. Indigenous Peoples and the Millennium Development Goals - Perspectives from communities in Bolivia, Cambodia, Cameroon, Guatemala and Nepal.

    01 January 2006

  8. Newsletter - The ILO and indigenous and tribal peoples - Indigenous peoples and the MDGs, ILO

    01 January 2006

  9. Compassionate Care. Workshop proceedings on directions in community-based care, and social reintegration for Nepal (TICSA-I)

    01 January 2006

    Concerns the two following workshops: "Issues and directions for institutional and community-based care, August 11-12, 2004" and "Building the foundation for reintegration activities, August 24 - 25, 2004". The aim of the was to provid participants with an opportunity to learn key responsibilities required for withdrawal of trafficking survivors and to protect and fulfill children's rights.