Briefing note

Strenghtening Social Protection Management Information Systems (MIS): Findings from a Systems Review of the Social Security Fund, Nepal

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is instrumental for all aspects of the mission of social protection institutions. The Social Security Fund (SSF), Nepal, with the support from ILO Country Office, Nepal recently undertook a systems review of their management information system. The brief outlines they key findings and recommendations from the review.

Briefing note | 26 January 2022
Contact(s): Bhandary, Suravi and Assumpção, Rodrigo, ILO, based on the “Systems Review Report: Technical Assistance to SSF on Systems Review,” by Pudashine; Kumar
The objective of the systems review is to foster the improvement and effective implementation of the SSF’s ICT environment ranging from registration, eligibility verification, collection of contributions, case management and distribution of benefits to monitoring, evaluation and reporting as well as strengthening data security, large data handling, data analysis capabilities and procedures.