Sexual harassment at the workplace in Nepal

This exploratory study for Nepal forms part of a regional overview for the Asia Pacific Regional Action against Sexual Harassment at work. Eleven case studies such as this have been undertaken in different countries in the Asia-Pacific Region – part of a regional campaign to draw attention to this critical issue.

This study on sexual harassment in Nepal is one of the very few studies conducted in Nepal. This study deals with perception, nature, prevalence and effects of the problem of sexual harassment. It has four specific objectives:
• To understand how different groups of people in different workplaces perceive sexual harassment, how they deal with it and what they think can be done to combat the problem;
• To determine the extent and effects of sexual harassment through primary research in select sectors;
• To understand the existing legal position and existing legal mechanisms regarding sexual harassment;
• To provide recommendations for what can be done to combat sexual harassment and what mechanisms and procedures are needed to address the issue.

The study also examined legal and other mechanisms available or not available for addressing this problem and has put forward recommendations from all concerned agencies to address the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace. The findings of the study would contribute in developing a framework, which would be needed to frame laws and policies on sexual harassment. This research has not only tried to collect information but has also taken this, as an opportunity to pass a message that sexual harassment is a serious issue and a crime.