Jobs for Peace: 12,500 Youth Employed and Empowered through an Integrated Approach

The project aims to help 12,500 young women and men in self-employment and paid employment in agriculture, off-farm and non-farm activities, through an integrated approach which combines: i) development of community infrastructure; ii) training-cum-production; iii) entrepreneurship development; and iv) empowerment of youth groups; v) cooperatives; vi) access to financial services; and vii) a trust fund for youth-led activities.

The ILO-FAO Joint Programme “Jobs for Peace: 12,500 Youth Employed and Empowered through an Integrated Approach” is implemented in two Terai Districts; Parsa and Rautahat.

The main objective of the project is to contribute to national peace building and poverty reduction through engaging youth in productive employment activities and empowerment. The project aims to increase opportunities for productive employment and income generating activities for un/under employed youth, focusing particularly marginalized poor youth, disadvantaged groups, Dalits and indigenous peoples, and conflict affected.

The Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction is the line Ministry at the national level and several public and private actors both at the national and district levels including ILO’s constituents, civil society and community-based organizations and UN partners are the implementing partners.

For further information please contact:

Mr Suresh P. Mahto
National Programme Manager
Birgunj, Parsa
Tel: +977 51 690920
Fax: +977 51 525924

Ms Nita Neupane
Programme Officer
ILO Office in Nepal
Tel: +977 1 5555 777, 5550 691 ext 119
Fax: +977 1 5550714