Community-based interventions

Review and Planning Meeting

Work in Freedom programme in Nepal is organizing review and planning meeting with its partners who are implementing community-based interventions.

The Work in Freedom(WIF) project goal is the reduced vulnerability to forced labour and trafficking of women and girls within and from South Asia, into the West Asia, which is expected to be achieved by women empowered to make informed migration decisions and when an enabling environment is created for their safe migration into decent work. The two day review and re-planning is aimed to discuss the results and to share learnings from the implementation of community based interventions . The WIF community partners implemented activities in four districts (Chitwan, Dolakha, Rupandehi, and Morang) of Nepal that are aimed to build awareness in communities where women migrate from on gender, mobility, social protection and employment options in order to make the migration an informed decision and choice. Partner project staff from four intervention districts attended the meeting in Dhulikhel, to share the activity results, lessons learned, and to prioritize activities for the next implementation agreement period.