Forced labour

Project launching workshop - From Protocol to Practice: A Bridge to Global Action on Forced Labour

The workshop aims to share and highlight on the importance of the ILO Forced Labour Protocol, P29 and project activities in the global and national level.

The Project aims to support global and national efforts aimed at combating forced labor under the 2014 ILO Protocol and Recommendation on Forced Labor.  The new legally binding ILO Protocol on Forced Labour aims to advance prevention, protection and compensation measures, as well as to intensify efforts to eliminate contemporary forms of slavery.

The event will introduce the global and national Bridge project activities and highlight the key aspects of the ILO Protocol and Recommendation on Forced Labour.

Launch of the Bridge Project, Kathmandu, 13 February 2017
The Nepal component of the project, will seek to raise awareness on P29 and R203 and policy advocacy in combating forced labour and trafficking with an ultimate goal of creating conducing environment to ratify the protocol. In addition, the project will provide support to the Government of Nepal for implementing its re-habitation and re-settlement plans of freed-Haliyas through livelihood programme  to the victims of forced labour, particularly the freed-Haliyas.
From right is Mr Madhav Prasad Gadtaula, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Ms Miranda Fajerman, Specialist on International Labour Standards, ILO Decent Work Team for South Asia and Country Office for India (DWT/CO-New Delhi) and Mr. Oluremi Doherty, Monitoring Officer, ILO Fundamentals, Geneva
Mr. Madhav Prasad Gadtaula, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Land Reform and Management, thanks the ILO in bringing together all the stakeholders to discuss the planned objectives of the project in Nepal.
Funded by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) , the project will be implemented in the Far-western region of Nepal. 

Participants at the launch
Participants at the launch