Occupational safety and health

Occupational safety and health training for SNRTP Contract Managers and Engineers

The training aims for a better understanding of occupational safety and health (OSH), legal provisions and their importance to contribute to safer and healthier practices at work places.

About thirty officials of the Strengthening National Rural Transport Programme (SNRTP) Contract Managers and Engineers and Engineers from the District Technical Offices participated at the training.

A participatory exercise provided practical guidance to make health and safety an integral part in the construction sites. The field visit to the camp and construction sites on the ongoing Ring Road expansion Project assisted by China demonstrated the various OSH measures and proper safety and health management implemented by the contractors.

An unanimous agreement was reached on the importance in the promotion of safe and healthy working conditions and the need to recognize protection of workers’ health and safety on issues of prevention and mitigation of work-related accidents in construction industry.

It strengthened the capacity of the participants to implement and develop a work plan to enforce and promote OSH provisions in the construction sites.

Mr Ashok Kumar Jha, Deputy Programme Coordinator, DoLIDAR, MoFALD presented on the role and function of contractors in contract management.
Field visit to the construction site on the ongoing Ring Road expansion Project assisted by China, on 29 April 2016