Appraisal of the Karnali Employment Programme as a Regional Social Protection Scheme

The Karnali Employment Programme (KEP) is a public works based social protection scheme in one of the poorest parts of Nepal attempting to address the regional dimension of poverty and vulnerability.

This study is the outcome of a collaboration between the Ministry of Local Development which is responsible for the Karnali Employment Programme managed by the Karnali Regional Development Unit and the ILO. The study demonstrates the importance of combining institutional, financial and technical elements to ensure that social protection oriented programmes reach the intended beneficiaries and meet the twin objectives of social protection and asset creation.

At the national level, it is hoped that the lessons from the study will contribute to enhancing the continuing work of the Karnali Employment Programme and the design of a comprehensive public protection scheme for Nepal. At the international level, it is hoped that it will contribute to the growing body of knowledge and knowhow on public works based social protection.