Respecting labour standards

Prevent a deterioration of existing labour conditions during the recovery process

  • Respect for International labour standards enshrined in ILO Conventions and Recommendations contributes to a culture of social dialogue that can help build the recovery and prevent a downward spiral in labour conditions. The Pact also calls for vigilance that the fundamental principles and rights at work – elimination of forced labour, child labour and discrimination at work, and the right to freedom of association – not fall by the wayside during the crisis.

Some of the Pact recommendations:

  • Respect for fundamental principles and rights at work, as critical for human dignity;
  • Increase vigilance to achieve the elimination and prevention of an increase in forms of forced labour, child labour and discrimination at work;
  • Respect for freedom of association, the right to organize and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining as enabling mechanisms to productive social dialogue in times of increased social tension, in both the formal and informal economies.
  • Make full use of the existing labour Conventions and Recommendations concerning employment policy, wages, social security, the employment relationship, the termination of employment, labour administration and inspection, migrant workers, labour conditions on public contracts, occupational safety and health, working hours and social dialogue mechanisms.
  • Use of the ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy as an important and useful tool for all enterprises, including those in supply chains, for responding to the crisis in a socially responsible manner.