G20 employment and social measures: a checklist

In its report to the G20 Leaders in Washington, the International Labour Organization said that economic crisis policies adopted by G-20 governments saved or created an estimated 21 million jobs in 2009 and 2010.

News | 20 September 2011

At the Meeting of the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers in April 2010, in response to a request by the Leaders to examine whether further measures were needed to ensure that employment recovered quickly after the economic crisis, and as a contribution to the G20 Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth, five policy recommendations were proposed for consideration.

These were:

    I. Accelerate Job Creation to Ensure a Sustained Recovery and Future Growth

    II. Strengthen Social Protection Systems and Promote Inclusive Active Labor Market Policies

    III. Improve the Quality of Jobs for Our People

    IV. Prepare Our Workforces for Future Challenges and Opportunities

    V. Place Employment and Poverty Alleviation at the Center of National and Global Economic Strategies

This listing - produced from national sources collected by the ILO and the ILO/World Bank Inventory of policy responses to the global financial and economic crisis - outlines an indicative selection of employment and social policy measures taken by the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers, as part of a national response during 2010-2011, in addition to measures taken prior to 2010, where the impacts of such actions are ongoing.

The measures are grouped within four of the five headings of the Washington Communiqué Recommendations, relevant to the Global Jobs Pact policies.

For more information on the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers 2011 (Paris, 26-27 September), please visit the ILO/G20 webpage.