The ILO publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals, CD-ROMs, videos and flash movies, relevant to Indonesia and Timor-Leste. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested or purchased in hard copy from the ILO Library in Jakarta.


  1. Introduction to microfinance in conflict-affected communities. A training manual

    03 December 2002

    Intended for staff of NGOs, donors, international organizations, and government programmes, describes how to provide financial services to people with low incomes in countries after violence, war, or refugee influx. Covers the selection of implementing agencies, design of microfinance programmes, their application, monitoring and evaluation, etc. Includes references to the literature and websites for further information.

  2. Supporting children's rights through education, the arts, and media (SCREAM): Education Pack

    01 December 2002

    The SCREAM programme offers a unique opportunity to engage a wide range of communiy actors and organizations in the promotion of social justice and universally recognized human and labour rights.

  3. Assessing markets for business development services : what have we learned so far

    01 November 2002

    SEED Working Paper No. 28 - Series on Innovation and Sustainability in Business Support Services (FIT)

  4. Promoting democracy and peace through social dialogue : a study of the social dialogue institutions and precesses in Indonesia

    31 October 2002

    This study analyses the practice of social dialogue in Indonesia, with a view to identifying the areas where it could be improved and propose directions of possible reform.

  5. Training module: strategic planning and policy development for unions (in Bahasa Indonesia)

    01 August 2002

    This material has been used as the core resource on a pilot programme of training which introduces concepts of strategic planning for trade unions, and considers how unions can use planning to meet some key challenges. The material also deals with some current economic and social policy issues and how unions can develop their role on these matters.

  6. Education methods (in Bahasa Indonesia)

    01 August 2002

    This material is the basic resource for a five day education methods programme. The focus is on promoting use of "active" participatory learning methodology. Most sections of the material contain group activities.

  7. Basic training programme for trade union representatives (in Bahasa Indonesia)

    01 August 2002

    The training material for local level union representatives has been developed as the basic resource material for a five day course. Particular sections of the material can be used to support shorter courses. Each chapter introduces a topic and contains a group activity linked to that topic.

  8. Labour dispute settlement reform in Indonesia: a guide to the policy and legal issues raised by industrial labour dispute settlement bill

    01 August 2002

    A discussion paper and basic guide, written from an academic labour lawyer's perspective, to the policy and legal issues raised by the Industrial Disputes Settlement Bill currently before the Indonesian legislature.

  9. Workers/Labor union act of Indonesia (Act No. 21/2000): user guide

    01 June 2002

    Part of the efforts to facilitate the implementation of Act No. 21 of 2000.

  10. Improvement of the industrial relations at the enterprise level: a resource book for trainers

    26 April 2002

    Materials of the industrial relations training for managers and workers in twelve companies in the Greater Jakarta Area (JABOTABEK) and twenty four companies in Surabaya.

  11. How to increase productivity through improved quality of work: a practical guide for the craftsmen leather industry of small and medium scale (in Bahasa Indonesia)

    31 March 2002

    Published in the conjunction with a pilot project for small scale leather industry and the medium in Bantul, Yogyakarta, which is sponsored by the ILO and IBL (Indonesia Business Links) in collaboration with UNIDO as well as several local partners.

  12. The new law on trade unions

    21 February 2002

    Complements the "User guide on Act no. 21 of 2000" which was published previously.

  13. Managing disability in the workplace : ILO code of practice

    13 February 2002

    This code has been drawn up to guide employers to adopt a positive strategy in managing disability related issues in the workplace. It is intended to be read in the context of national conditions and to be applied in accordance with national law and practice.

  14. Social security. A new consensus

    04 February 2002

    Comprises a background report on the issues, challenges and prospects for social security and the report and conclusions of the ILO Committee on Social Security. Focuses on six key issues: the interconnections between social security, employment and development; extension of the personal coverage of social security; gender equality; the financing of social security; expanding social dialogue; and the implications for future ILO work.

  15. The future structure of industrial relations in Indonesia: some issues and challenges

    01 January 2002

    To assist with the start-up activities for the ILO/USDOL Project by providing an up to date picture of the Indonesian industrial relations scene.


  1. Guidebook to create the ergonomic workshops for the small footwear industry centers in Cibaduyut, Bandung, Indonesia (in Bahasa Indonesia)

    31 December 2001

    As an integrated program in an effort to eliminate the involvement of child labor in the footwear sector to increase labor productivity and effort needed an ergonomic guide-making workshop and free of child labor.

  2. Population mobility and HIV/AIDS in Indonesia

    15 November 2001

    The aim of this study is to use existing information to provide a comprehensive picture of the levels, patters, composition and trends of the various types of contemporary population mobility occuring within Indonesia, as well as from and to the country. Insofar as it is possible using existing data, the study aims to indicate how population mobility in Indonesia is linked to the existing and likely futue diffusion of HIV/AIDS.

  3. Baseline survey of APINDO - the Association of Indonesian Employers

    01 July 2001

    Intended to provide a little assistance to identify the matters that as a priority must be addressed to improve the capabilities of APINDO.

  4. Catalogue on the worst forms of child labour in Indonesia

    30 April 2001

    Provides an overview of the worst forms of child labour in Indonesia. Briefly details the evils of the worst forms of child labour, describes what interventions have taken place and states what is needed in the future.

  5. Job creation in small and medium-sized enterprises : Guide to ILO Recommendation No. 189, adopted by the ILC 2-18 June 1998

    01 January 2001